Mini Raspberry Cheesecake Dessert Cups

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in the mood for something sweet to finish off the meal. I know I shouldn’t binge on the desserts and all of that added sugar. So I’ve set out to change the way I eat by making smaller controlled portions and lighter fare. I especially need this in the sweets arena. So here’s a shot at a dessert that will ease your sweet tooth with amazing flavor, and it looks pretty sexy 🙂

Mini Berry Cheesecakes

1/2 Cup Fresh Raspberries (or blueberries, or strawberries, or blackberries)
1 tsp. Sugar
1/4 tsp. Lemon Zest

1/4 Cup Graham Cracker Crumbs
2 tsp. Honey

1/2 Cup Light Whipped Cream Cheese
1 Cup Light Whipped Cream (Redi Whip)
1 tsp. Lemon Juice

1. If you want to use fresh berries skip to step 2…A couple hours or the night before you want to eat. Heat your rinsed and dried fresh berries in a small skillet over medium heat. Add sugar and lemon zest. Allow for the berries to burst. If you’re using raspberries you can squish them down into a sauce. Allow for the berries and juice to reduce a bit, stirring occasionally, until the sauce/juice begins to thicken. (you’ll let it reduce until it has lost about 1/3 of it’s volume). Refrigerate until cooled.

2. Microwave cracker crumbs and honey in a bowl for about 10 seconds and then stir together to moisten all of the crumbs. Set Aside.

3. Whip the Cream Cheese and lemon juice in a large mixing bowl, either by hand or with a mixer, until smooth. Add about double the volume (about a cup) worth of whipped cream, and whip together.

4. Add the crumbs to the bottom of the shot glasses and press down to create the crust. Add the cheesecake mixture, and then top with the cooled berries, and a little extra whipped cream if desired.

Time: 15 minutes (plus cooling time, unless you use fresh berries)
Makes: About 4 shot glasses mini desserts
Tips: You can use any variety of berry you’d like. Raspberries do cook down into a lovely sauce. And blueberries were on sale this week, so I just cooked those down tonight until their juice thickened, they were amazing over the cheesecake, and leftover berries can be eaten over oatmeal too! I’ve also just sliced and used fresh strawberries before if you don’t want to take the time to cook your berries, it’s not a problem. Cooking the berries down, just lessens the need to add sugar, and the natural sugars in the fruit come out so you’re left with a wonderful sauce. So if you find your berries are a little to tart for you, try cooking them to sweeten things up a bit. I hope you enjoy this sweet, and healthy treat!

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