Start Your Garden Now -Great Tips from an Impatient Gardener: Wall O’ Water and Planting Tomatoes!

Holy Wall O’ Water Batman!

I have raised, above ground, garden beds that I built with my favorite and only son. These are made out of regular scrap lumber that we assembled using 3″ wood screws and filled with run of the mill dirt and compost. By using the raised beds, I can fit more plants in them, and the beds look really neat and tidy. It’s a lot easier to grid out your garden by the square foot, and the lite aerated dirt in raised beds allows for the plant roots to grow rapidly and the dirt to warm faster in the season. Also, being able to get to my beds easily for weeding and sowing purposes is always a plus.

Turns out, at Home Depot and Wal-Mart they sell these things called Wall O’ Water. They’re a plastic tubular Teepee about 20-22″ inches tall that are pleated. Each pleat is a tube that you put water in, about 2/3 full. Fill it up, then let the walls sit in place without any plant inside, to get nice and heated by Mr. Yellow Sun for a couple of days. I then take them off the dirt, dig my hole where it’s been sitting, place my plant, and put my Wall O’ Water back over the top and it sits like a teepee. It’ll extend your growing season about 8 weeks, so you can plant earlier! Genius!! These perfect little green houses will protect your plants from frost down to about 16 degrees F.

Another nice trick I figured out from the folks at Home Depot and Wal-Mart is that their paint stir sticks make great plant markers. For free! Brilliant!

Planting Tomato Plants

Did you know that you need to plant in the ground more of your tomato plant than just the root ball that you get from the nursery? For a healthy strong tomato plant you need to plant at least 2/3 of the plant in the ground. I know, who would of thought?

To do this you have to pluck off the lower most stems and leaves off of the main stem of your plant. That means you’ve just lengthened the stem. All of that extra stem gets submerged in the dirt and will grow strong root shoots instead of leaf shoots now, strengthening your root system immensely. Remember, tomatoes are a vine and they will grow roots off any of their submerged stems. Watch how your tomato plants will flourish. A true night and day difference. I promise!

See?! Dirt cheap tricks and you CAN start your garden now! Why wait? Let me know how your garden grows. I’d love to hear from you!


23 thoughts on “Start Your Garden Now -Great Tips from an Impatient Gardener: Wall O’ Water and Planting Tomatoes!

  1. Love the paint stick idea and your garden looks great! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!


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